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Abraham Roll Has been in the music industry for several years. He was a member of an Israeli Rock/Pop band voted number one in the “musically classification”. While living in New York Abraham was the winner of a song festival award in Top 40 and Country category in Nashville. He composes, writes, and produces a variety of music styles including Pop, Country, Rock, Ballads and songs for Holidays.

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Abraham is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and ACUM Israeli Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Abraham began his music career as singer and guitar player for the trendy Rock/Pop band “The Flames”. He embarked on an international music career as part of a singing duo that performed in Europe during festivals, in clubs, hotels, halls, and cruise ships. In Munich, Germany, Abraham collaborated with Cliff Nash an American Jazz singer and lyrics writer. Also while in Munich Abraham received a Music Publishing agreement with a German publisher and released a record under the name “Love words”. Later Abraham moved to New York where he performed in a Duo for a number of venues throughout the state. In addition, to performing in the Shubert Performing Center, New Haven, CT, and the San Antonio Express News Travel Festival, TX, Abraham produced a few of his songs with two American singers including Country Blues singer Luke Rayne.

A few years later Abraham moved back to Israel where he continues to write and produce music.

Abraham collaborates with American singer and lyrics writer Cliff Nash and lyrics writer Don Davis who worked several years with the Disney Company

Abraham also writes and produces Israeli and Middle Eastern music. He collaborates with two of his Israeli lyrics writer friends: Baruc Barkin, author, musician, artist and former actor at the Israeli Habima Theatre, and Ben-Ben Ari, author and song writer who lives in the USA.

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