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December 7, 2016


I’m staying until the end

(c) Music- Abraham Roll (ascap)
Lyrics - Cliff Nash (gema)

Put a nickel in the slot
And let me hear a song to set me free
My mind has travelled far so long
And i need the sound and you to comfort me

Rock me to the songs of love
I wonna free myself from chains that’s holding me
Stay with me till our song end
And wrap me in your smile don’t go away

I can’t make my mind imagine
And i don't see that open door
Time has left no vacant passage
To wander in and ask for more
But i'm staying until the end
Yes i’m staying until the end

Come and dream of good old times
Have the songs of love taking you away
Let’s put another nickel in
And listen to our hearts while the music plays

I can’t make my mind imagine....

My country girl

©Music by Abraham Roll
Lyrics By Dana Zahavi

All tangled up in gingam
With a freckled pigtailed
Sun burnt pretty face
She’ll twirl your heart around her finger
But won’t leave you
Empty and alone.

She’s strong just when you need her most
And tries her best
On your way
Her heart is always open
And she’ll hold you ever
Closer in her arms

I love my country girl
With her I’ll build my home
To me she’s all the world
My fragile country girl

And if one night you drink too much
And find yourself next morning
In jail
Her presence there will make you see
A whole new born
Beautiful day

She’ll bring you home
When you wander faraway
To mental minds unknown
And win you over fast and easy
Showing you the reason
You’re her own

I love my country girl…………….

Calling Me Home

©Music by Abraham Roll-Ascap
Lyrics By Dana Zahavi

When I was a little girl,
The one thing I knew of the world
Was keeping family close to me.

Now that I am all grown up,
I made mistakes and I messed up,
Forgetting to be true to me.
But when the snow it starts a’ falling
I can hear my family calling me home…

Like learning how to ride a bike
They’ll catch you if you fall
Open up your heart
Don’t worry none at all
To have and to hold
Even when you get older
If your stuck in a bind get it outta your mind!
You can always cry on your mamma’s sholder.

I always have a steady rock
That’s mine to lean on as I walk
Through all the bad times and the good.
And when the snow it start a’ falling
I can hear my family calling me home

Like learning how to ride a bike………………

I’m Coming Home To You

© Music by Abraham Roll Ascap
Lyrics by Dana Zahavi

I walked a thousand
Days and nights.
In search of what
Would make thinks right.
A loving smile across your face.
Caught up in your embrace
Remembering days gone by
And trying hard not to cry.

The open road
The miles between.
My boots run down
My shattered and Back yards.
Instead of all those bare
Without you by my side
The tears well up in my eyes.


I’m coming home to you
My love again.
We’re gonna make it work
This time ‘round
I’m coming home don’t let
Me down again.
If love ‘aint what you’re after
Then I’m just gonna have to
Leave you again
Leave you again

Now I know love
‘aint always roses
Now I know love
‘aint always sweet
But when I’m in my baby’s arms
There’s nothing we can’t beat
Together we’ll find a way
We’ll hope and pray for love


I’m coming home to you…………..